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1, what is snow boots

Many people think that is a brand, in fact, not, refers to the Australian sheepskin boots, such as Zhenjiang balsamic vinegar, Beijing roast duck is a local specialty, snow boots registered brand there are many, especially this year there will be many small brands.
2, Basically no real UGG in Taobao.
3, Snow boots domestic origin Jiangsu Zhenjiang Yangzhou Wenzhou more than a little Guangdong also, Zhenjiang Takahashi is one of the main production base, in fact, there are many foreign snow boots in China factory production and processing.
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4, Personally think that as long as the Australian fur is made of authentic snow boots, as is the domestic production, or domestic are not important

5, The price of snow boots, the price of shoes, mainly to see the raw materials, this is the bulk, of course, good raw materials work is not bad.

A: suede + chemical fiber hair, fake fur is the most common and cheap material
Which is also the price of the distinction, often 20-40 rmb the quality is relatively poor, it is recommended not to buy. 60-90 quality should be good, artificial hair looks very comfortable, a bit like wool (the price is the retail price, There are normal profits, not include a few pieces to sell)
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Two: 2 layers of leather + chemical fiber hair, leather fur
In fact, this leather fake hair, thre are many of this in the recent foreign trade, leather shoes look texture can also, fake hair good quality, should still be good, the cost is probably a few dozen dollars.

Three: 1 layer of leather + blended hair, leather and real hair
This will be generally required by the customers, the outside is leather, shoe is the wool, the upper is the artificial hair, the general consumer is not see, a lot of people online with this full wool, this kind of shoes Retail prices should be more than 180, more than 200.

Four: 1 layer of leather + pure wool, leather real hair, but the fur can not be fur and fur wool
Such shoes, if it is a large factory work, then the quality should be good, and layman basically do not see the difference between the fur and the price of this shoe is about 250 or more
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Five: broken fur one, is the whole sheepskin after the end of the production of materials, color difference, the difference between the quality of the big leather is not good
If the upper color difference is too large, can be made of broken fur

Six: the whole fur one, the color is small, more consistent hair quality
Such shoes, the cost of leather will be 100 large dozens, plus the wages of workers and so on, if the sale price belows 300, basically selling people do not gain much.

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