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First white snow boots ( UGG5819 white wool boots as an example)
Two ways to clean white snow boots: One way is to hand wash, first with water to wash wool boots floating ash, washed with warm water right amount of detergent (or other cleaning agents), the wool boots soaked for at least 30 minutes (if wool boots dirty, you can soak some more time), then squeeze a little harder wool hand shoes, woolen shoes, especially dirty place to gently scrub with a soft bristle shoe brush, rinse with water, squeezed the wool shoes.
Another method is to use the machine to wash wool boots, you can use the drum machine washable wool boots, about once washable wool seventy-eight pairs of boots. With detergent, wash clothes, cotton wool program also boots. Wool boots will rinse well, and even wool shoe soles are clean. Wash well, put the best ventilated place to dry. Not exposure, can not be pulled hard enough wool. After cleaning, you can then put on a beautiful wool UGG boots up.

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Uggs For Women                                                 Uggs For Women

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Uggs For Women                                                        Uggs For Women
Second, light snow boots (eg UGG5825 pink, UGG5803 gray, UGG5815 blue)
1, light-colored (gray, pink, sky blue, etc.) upper, if not special stains, ordinary water + soft brush + dry instantly! , Special stains, please use the transparent fluid + soft brush + dry naturally.
2, light-colored boots, pay more attention not to make the deformation, dried to 80% of the time pay attention to shape, or wrinkle oh SHOES will generally not soak into the water to wash the whole shoe It is not too much trouble you, shoe brush and dries quickly.
3, light-colored fur snow boots care methods: colorless transparent liquid washing gently massage + + water + water + gently twist off the natural drying, 80% of the dry, used a small comb hair + hairy to hairy shape, and then dry.
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Uggs For Women                                                        Uggs For Women                    Uggs For Women



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Uggs For Women

Third, dark snow boots (eg UGG5825 chocolate, UGG5815 purple, UGG5803 black, etc.)
1, dark (chocolate, black, purple, etc.) Upper: care method reference light of Yi method, but be careful not to use detergent containing bleach component.
2, dark boots: care method reference light snow boots care methods, be careful not to use detergent containing bleach component.
3, dark fur snow boots: care method reference light care methods careful not to use detergent containing bleach component.

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Uggs For Women                 Uggs For Women                                              Uggs For Women                   Uggs For Women

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