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In 2011, UGG collaboration with world-renowned quartile star Tom Brady.

In 2011, by the Italian shoe-making process and a long sheepskin luxury experience integration, UGG entered the field of high-end fashion.

2012, UGG Men’s opened its first store in New York’s Fifth Avenue.

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Uggs For Women                Uggs For Women                  Uggs For Women

2012, UGG Balimalai opened a store in the area, expanding the territory increased UGG France. Since then, UGG’s overseas business has expanded to Japan, China, Korea, Taiwan, Russia, Canada, Mexico, Britain and France.

2013, UGG released home series, the series makes comfort and home design classic UGG reached harmony.

The fall of 2013, UGG released home service. According to the traditional UGG, gorgeous outline personal comfort, blending exquisite tailoring, comfortable tracksuit typical.

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Uggs For Women                Uggs For Women                  Uggs For Women

September 2013 is the 35th anniversary of the UGG brand from the United States was founded in 1978 to commemorate. To celebrate this milestone, UGG first release of the “1978” series, to open a ’70s surf culture “as the theme of global celebration.

2013, UGG Twinsole 1 + 1 insole market. This is a replaceable insoles multifunction products. Wearing our shoes when you choose a traditional leather insole with luxurious wool or UGG insoles, no matter what kind of options are inherited UGG classic comfort.

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Uggs For Women                                                            Uggs For Women                                          Uggs For Women

2014 fall, UGG American-made products to market, to high-quality workmanship and materials from the United States to pay tribute.

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Uggs For Women

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Uggs For Women

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Uggs For Women

2014 autumn, UGG released a new brand campaign “THIS IS UGG”. Life has taught us to look for the meaning of those extraordinary moments, these moments make us from Woon new, perhaps life-changing phase, or a fearless explorer. But real life is from the tiny moments. THIS IS UGG encouraging people to these tiny but extraordinary significance of the moment recorded and shared with others. This is the UGG moment.

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