Fortnite “Application Could Not Start Correctly” (0xc000009a)


The 0xc000009a mistake (otherwise called that the”Entry Point” error), shows because a program cannot fill a required DLL.

It is normal that DLL’s in famous brands DirectX or Graphics deals aren’t available to games such as Frotnite. These devices demand them, meaning that should they truly are not able to discover them, they’ll stop working – normally mentioning the mistake you are visiting.

To repair this, the very simple solution would be to receive the DLL file on your system, and make sure it really is accessible.


To understand why the error demonstrates, you will need to love the roster of DLL (Dynamic Link Library) data files in Windows.

Because the development of os’s heated upward from the 90’s, all events introduced lots of ways to access”libraries” – third-party software packs that allowed programmers to use standardized code/functionality of their own software.

Such libraries as Visual C++, DirectX,.NET and also a variety of others became the norm Windows – with most applications – today – relying on these.

The secret to these files has been the deployment of particular DLL files on your computer system. These files could be re-used by unique software, so long because they called precisely the correct functions .

Unfortunately, in the event the files are missingout, out dated or corrupted, problems such as the one that you’re experiencing will emerge…

The program Couldn’t launch correctly (0xc000009a)
Commencing BattlEye Assistance…
[Data ] Blocked loading of file…

The Principal issue here is that your application will not have access to this DLL’s it requires, Even Though There are Different considerations:

DLL files perhaps not accessible
Antivirus may be blocking your application
Windows may have damaged or corrupted DLL’s
Other apps may have overwritten the DLL
Your system may possess a virus

The way to fix this is always to ensure that the DLL’s exist on your platform, also then that they’re completely reachable.

The steps below will guide you through this technique…


Like many troubles in Windows, you should experience lots of potential reasons for problems and fix them .

While in the Instance of this 0xc000009a malfunction, the following is recommended:

Inch. Un-install BattlEye + Confirm Fortnite

First – and most reliable – step is always to eliminate the”BattlEye” application from the own system.

BattlEye is a anti-cheat Process sent using Fortnite – it’s Crucial to get Fortnite functioning, but can sometimes cause mistakes:

Press”Windows” +”E” keys in your computer keyboard
Navigate to”C:/plan Files/Epic Games/Fortnite/FortniteGame/Binaries/BattlEye”
Click “Uninstall_BattlEye.bat”
Let the CMD file run
Ex IT and load on the Epic Games Launcher
Underneath the”Fortnite” tab, then tap on the”cog” icon next to the”kick off” button
enable the method operate

Following this completes, it is worth restarting your own system.

If it does not take care of the issue, it

there is a problem with a few of those most third-party libraries on your system.

2. Reinstall V C ++

The subsequent step is to reinstall V C ++.

As mentioned, visible C++ was Microsoft’s way of standardizing a variety of heart features for software, and it has become a staple in this Windows program.

To ensure this Isn’t the problem (which Is Remarkably likely), then You Have to re-install any Visual C++ packs in your own device:

In Windows 7, tap “start out”, followed by”Control Panel” then”Programs and Features”
In Windows, right-click on the”begin” button, then pick”Programs and Characteristics”

From the list, scroll all of the way down to”Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable”
There will probably be a huge collection of many diverse packages
Make a list of each and every season + architecture (x64/x86) onto a object of notepaper
un-install just about every

Now, navigate into your preferred search-engine
Look for”visible C++ redistributable down load”
Click the first link (should really be Micro-Soft )
For every one of the packs you’d earlier, down load new ones out of this web site
following doing this, install all them
re start your own personal computer
Attempt your game again

even though this is really quite very likely to do the job, it may possibly not possibly be the solution for several…

3. Up Date DirectX / Graphics Motorists

After that you need to determine about upgrading DirectX and (possibly ) your pictures driver.

Direct X is the graphics library that Windows uses to procedure 3D vision. Almost every match on the stage uses it again.

When you may not”re-install” the Direct X engineyou *can* repair it and guarantee your images driver is still working properly…

Search online for”Direct X end user Runtime Web Installer free v bucks no verification
just click the initial Micro-Soft link that demonstrates
Click onto the orange”down load” button
Follow the actions & save the file to a personal computer
Open the document allow it to run
Permit it repair the recent Direct X installation
Restart your personal computer

soon after doing so, you might wish to reinstall your Pictures driver:

Proceed on line and hunt for”DDU” (Screen Driver Uninstaller)
down load the file you may find from Guru3D
Restart your PC right into”secure mode” (instructions under )
Once in safemode, operate DDU and let it remove your GFX driver
re start your PC to”ordinary” mode
Let Windows down load the latest driver for your graphics card

To access Safe Mode, it depends on which variant of Windows you’re using (Windows-10 managed to get hard to access for some reason):

In Windows 7, then restart your computer as you would normally
Press F8 always before Windows begins to load
decide on”safemode” with all the appropriate number on your own keyboard

In Windows 10, click on”Start” button
Select the”Power” button (left charms menu)
keeping SHIFTand press on the”restart” button
This will bring the blue up”Windows Recovery setting” display
Click “trouble-shoot” >”Advanced Options” >”Startup configurations” >”Restart”

4. Manually Download Document

This will just work if you get a direct belief which document is overlooking / inaccessible.

If you don’t have this, then you are going to be best taking a look at something referred to as”Dependency Walker” – a totally free application that makes it possible for you to specify which files are required by different pieces of software…

Click onto the search engine of pick
Look for”DependencyWalker”
Just click the first link and then install the application form
Run it.
In the top menu, choose the”open” (folder) icon
Navigate for the executable file which is causing problems along with select it
The system should highlight which files are require from the left menu
If at least one of the files looks”reddish “, you have to make it can be obtained

Some applications may bundle the DLL files
Should you search online for your own DLL document name, you may immediately find out that package it belongs on
in the event that you may get the package, see if you are able to put in it (you might just need to receive the brand new version)
Should you not find a package, you’re want to down load an original backup of the DLL file

as soon as you download a fresh variant of the DLL file, you basically should put it into the C:/Windows/System32 folder.

After achieving so, you ought to try the applying to see whether it is going to do the job today.

If not, it generally suggests a milder problem over the OS.

5. Update Windows

This probably won’t do considerably – but may provide the system some way to mend itself:

Windows 7
simply click onto”begin” >”Control Panel” >”technique & stability” >”Windows Update”
Click”Check for Updates”

Windows 10
Press”Windows” +”I” keys in your keyboard
pick”up date and Security”
click on”Check for Upgrades”

After the update procedure finishesand restart your PC if the malfunction is resolved.

If you are still undergoing the error after doing the above mentioned, it suggests you’ve got a far more acute problem with Windows.

Unfortunately, certainly one of those limits of web content articles is that I cannot see precisely what your system is performing, and so am unable to present any kind of specific info. If you are still at a reduction, then I’d strongly recommend heading to one of the huge question/answer communities (Reddit/Super User/Microsoft Replies ) to gain an even far more specific set of opinions.

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